DPP4, PEA en bijbehorende Supplementen

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DPP-IV Optimum® Gold Basic - 60 caps

Apigenine ULDA 2,5 - 90caps

Apigenin is a natural flavonoid found in various vegetables and fruits, such as parsley, onion, celery, tea and grapefruit.

€ 26,50 p/unit

Apigenine-25 - 90 caps

Apigenin is a natural flavonoid found in various vegetables and fruits, such as parsley, onion, celery, tea and grapefruit. One of the most common sources of apigenin...

€ 33,50 p/unit

Bifidobacterium Infantis Gold - 30 caps.

Bimodal Switch® – 90 caps

Bimodal Switch has a stress-inhibiting effect. It is the first interactive food supplement on the market: when combined with phosphodiesterase inhibitors (coffee, tea, cocoa,...

€ 36,50 p/piece

Caryofylleen liposomaal – 90 caps

€ 45,00 p/unit

CBR Phase

€ 69,50 p/unit

Curcuma CellMax®- 30 caps

€ 29,50 p/unit

DPP-IV Gluten Tri-Phase® – 45 caps

DPP-IV Gluten Tri-Phase meets the following conditions: 1. The most efficient and versatile DPP-IV enzyme preparation on the market. 2. Contains six enzymes with a DPP-IV...

€ 55,50 p/unit

DPP-IV Optimum Gold - 60 caps

Eupharinus - 60 caps

€ 52,50 p/unit

Exendo ECS-Inverse PhytoQ

€ 46,50 p/unit

Exendo FABP4-PhytoQ

€ 49,50 p/unit

Exendo Magnolol

Heeft een synergetische werking met Glycine-Magnesium.

€ 37,00 p/unit

Exendo Rhodiola Dual – 30 capsules

Rhodiola Dual® is an exclusive composition of Exendo Epigenomics. It contains the highest concentration of rosavine and salidroside extracts on the market.

Fisetine PhytoQ® 30 caps

€ 31,50 p/unit

Glutathion liposomaal – 60 caps

€ 37,50 p/unit

Glutathion P+S® (Protect + Stimulate) – 60 caps

€ 40,50 p/unit

Glycine Magnesium – 180 caps

- Magnesium contributes to normal psychological function - Magnesium contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism - Magnesium contributes to the normal functioning of the...

€ 48,50 p/unit

Hericium Erinaceus Optimum (Wig fungus) - 60 caps

€ 40,50 p/unit
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Properties of Exendo Epigenomics nutritional supplements Exendo Epigenomics works according to an efficiency analysis, which means that they have their DPP-IV products tested in a Norwegian laboratory. In this way they can check which combinations are the most efficient.

Exendo Epigenomics has been working with this Norwegian laboratory for 10 years, specializing in the analysis of exorphins (morphine-like proteins in food such as gluten in cereal products, dairy soy and spinach) and DPP-IV. Exorphins can cause a range of complaints. To find out if one has an exorphin load, an exorphin test can be useful. The products are as much as possible of vegetable origin, making most of the products suitable for vegetarians or vegans. The capsules are made from cellulose.

In the composition, as much attention as possible has been paid to avoiding allergenic substances, but also avoiding magnesium stearate, yeast, sugars, gelatin, animal substances, preservatives and synthetic colors, fragrances and flavors.

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