Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), formerly called venereal diseases, are diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. An estimated 100,000 people in the Netherlands contract an STD every year. Some STDs have serious consequences if not treated in time. Fortunately, most are easily cured.

STDs are contagious and you can carry them around without noticing. That's what makes them so insidious, because you can unknowingly pass an STD on to your sex partners. Are you worried if you have contracted something? Find out if you have actually run a risk and get tested. Go for security.

STDs are transmitted through blood and mucous membrane contact. Mucous membranes are located in the penis, the vagina, the anus and the throat. Most STDs are contracted through unprotected sex. Unsafe sex is:
  • Vaginal intercourse without a condom (penis in vagina)
  • Anal intercourse without a condom (penis in anus)
  • Oral sex (blowjob and pussy eating) without a condom or dental dam
  • Shared use of sex attributes, such as a dildo, without cleaning them in between.
  • Mucosal contact (contact of the penis with the vagina, contact of the penis with the anus, contact of the penis with the mouth, contact of the penis with other penis)
As you can see, penetrative sex (fucking) is not necessary for transmitting STD, rubbing contact without condom protection puts you at risk.
A number of STDs are also transmissible through blood. Think of HIV and hepatitis B. You can also contract this as a result of an unhygienic tattoo or piercing. Or if you use someone else's needles, syringes or other attributes for drug use.

Due to the pressure on the doctors, you can choose to purchase your STD test online. For the SOA tests we work together with SOApoli-online. At the moment, the government measures taken do not affect the range of SOA home tests from Soapoli-online. Sufficient SOA tests are available. You must send the relevant STD test to the laboratory after taking a sample (blood, saliva or urine). If the test is positive, they can write a prescription for you. The medication can be purchased at You will then receive an email with an order number and you will be asked to answer a number of medical questions (for our medication monitoring) via After completing the form you will receive a MED code, which you need together with your order number to order the product.

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