LDN / LDN solution (0,25 mg/drop) - 10 ml

LDN solution (0,25 mg/drop) - 10 ml

LDN solution  (0,25 mg/drop) - 10 ml
LDN solution  (0,25 mg/drop) - 10 ml
LDN solution (0,25 mg/drop) - 10 ml
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It is wise to begin with LDN-drops and then move on to capsules, and to build up (can be combined drops and capsules) to the desired strength. For the LDN solution we need to have at least an original

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Side effects :

At the start of the therapy sleep problems can occur (insomnia, disturbed sleep which can be accompanied with vivid, bizarre dreams), nausea, prevent hangovers, headaches. And especially women are more emotional. This usually disappears after about one week, if not then contact your doctor / practitioner or pharmacy.


Interaction with other drugs :

Combination with alcohol and morphine-like painkillers is strongly discouraged. LDN stimulates the immune system,  the combination with immunosuppressive agents such as interferons, methotrexate, azathioprine and steroids is not advised; However, in general the combination with 10 mg of prednisone per day does not lead to significant interactions. If any of those cases, or questions or queries, consult your doctor / practitioner and / or the pharmacy.


Pregnancy and Lactation 

About use during human pregnancy is insufficiently known. In animal Naltrexone has shown harmful (Pregnancy category B3). Hence it is advisible to avoid the use of low dose naltrexon solution during pregnancy/ It is also unknown whether naltrexone passes into breast milk-tired. Talk to your doctor / practitioner if you are breastfeeding and want to use Naltrexone. 


The drops have  shelf life of 2  months at room temperature and 4 months at 2-8 C. 

Content: 10 ml, 1 ml = 20 drops 
Note: Usually 2 x 10 ml is needed for a start-up phase and is as such also often prescribed by doctors.


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